Open Cities

Open Cities program is to support cities, communes, counties and public institutions in the publishing of public data.

What kind of data is it?
• Financial (expenses, contracts, tenders)
• Geode (GIS maps, local development plan, acoustic maps)
• Cultural (events, events)
• Environment (trees, air pollution)
• Sports (sports clubs, lesser, Rovers)
• Transport (timetable, the GPS positions of vehicles)
• Statistics (all analyzes, reports)

Why share data?
• The data should help solve the problem - whether it is with parking, moving public transport, disposing of garbage or find the nearest active-hour pharmacy.
• Open data to facilitate the functioning of the city.

There is no single "best practice" to open data. However, there are group activities that allow you to easily start the process of opening the public data.
And in this process helps the foundation ePaństwo; as well as facilitating contact with other municipalities in Poland, which joined the program.

ePaństwo offers:
• substantive assistance throughout the process of opening the data;
• support co-ordinator of the project (including office visits, participation in meetings);
• networking, exchange of good practices;
• assistance in the organization of professional internships;

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