MyCountry is a set of applications to track and influence state administration activity. The portal provides quick and free access to all acts of law and court rulings. With it, you can also monitor finances in each of the municipalities and check connections between organizations.

We have been developing for over 5 years now because we believe that when citizens get access to information on authorities’ activity and the state of nation in formats that facilitate data analysis and drawing conclusions, and if they gain access to practical tools that make it easier not only to connect with others who have similar ideas how to act towards the greater good but also to interact with authorities and other citizens in matters relating to public interest – then an increasingly large part of society can push solutions based on knowledge, data and public support for issues relating to public good, and can gain a sense of agency and responsibility for the country, which results in more responsible conduct in the public sphere.

Within the project, an application has been added to the _mojePanstwo platform to support public participation and non-governmental organizations’ work. In the NGO app, you get access to data on all non-governmental organizations in Poland (from National Court Register, KRS). An organization can choose to connect the KRS excerpt with their platform account and actively create its profile. In addition, the application offers the opportunity to connect the organization’s account with social media accounts (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and others) and it automatically aggregates all content created by the organization in one place. Organizations can also apply for support of their activities, view contests and grants relating to their activity, and file motions requesting access to public information – all of which can make NGOs’ work faster and easier.

The system project title is ‘Gamification of work for public good.’ The project has been implemented within the Citizens for Democracy programme, financed by EOG Funds.

The editor of the mojePanstwo portal is ePaństwo Foundation – an independent non-governmental organization working for democracy in Poland.

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