AI Regulation proposal. High-risks Systems

In the previous article, we wrote about the EU Database of High-risks AI systems. We appreciated the idea but pointed […]


Comment on AI Regulation Proposal. EU Database on High-risk AI Systems.

In this series of texts, we will concentrate shortly on selected provisions of the proposal, as due to their importance […]


AI Regulation Proposal. What’s on the Plate?

Here it is! A long-awaited proposal on Artificial Intelligence regulation was officially presented by the European Commission. We had an […]


alGOVrithms 2.0: The State Of Play

The second edition of “alGOVrithms. The State of Play” is taking an in-depthlook at the usage of Automated Decision Making […]


Open Hospitals. Reducing corruption risks in emergency and non-competitive purchases in hospitals

COVID-19 crisis has created an unprecedented scale of emergency purchases made by governments. Lacks some answers or procedures gives extraordinary […]


Summary of 2020

We closed the year 2020. It was a year of a crisis or rather multiple crises. But that year has […]


MEDIA, CHATS, NARRATIVES. The Role of the Internet and Other New Technologies During Protests in Belarus

Minsk, the capital city of Belarus is only 540 kilometres from Warsaw and less than1900 from Brussels. Despite this close […]


Coalition to Make Whistleblowing Safe During COVID-19 and Beyond

The signatories to this letter call on all public authorities and institutions to protect those who report or expose the […]

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Lessons on trust, democracy and technology

When I was a kid I loved to observe how Shepherds dogs rather than strongly imposing the will on sheep […]

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Do you know what your algorithms are up to?

This article was originally published at apolitical.co on July 9, 2019 If there is a general lack of trust towards […]

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The Future of Voting

Voting is a fundamental civic right. Not so many people would openly disagree with such a statement. It is also […]

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Transparency and Democracy. Meeting in Tbilisi

Although Personal Democracy Forum CEE 2017 took place in April, its impact is not limited to this date. The ePaństwo […]