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Lublin Forum of Non-Governmental Initiatives – September 10, 2016

Last Saturday we took part in the Lublin Forum of Non-Governmental Initiatives, on which we conducted workshop on tools and […]

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Application Public Procurement

On the one hand, the application allows you to search the database of public procurement in order to find a […]

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Applications on

Application NGO This application is, first of all, a knowledge base of non-governmental organizations operating in Poland. The database combines […]

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Technology for transparency – Y2Y SUMMIT 2016

Last weekend we were taking part in Youth2Youth Summit with presentation about The media and technology play a vital role […]

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What do public institutions hide from us? –examples of data collected on

The portal has existed for five years already, and was initially known as Formerly a tool to track […]

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13 reliable ways to improve NGOs’ activities

The main audience of the portal is non-governmental organizations. It is NGOs that may draw the most benefits out […]

My Country, MyCountry, System project promotional film

We are glad to present the promotional film. Although members of non-governmental organizations are its main audience, many of […]

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Why is it worth creating an account on is a set of applications to track and influence state administration activity. We provide quick and free access to all […]

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The 2-day Open Government Partnership’s Legislative Openness Working Group Conference in Tibilisi

The first session of the second day of the OGP LOWG started with the civil society introducing new and innovative technologies. The […]

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Workshop with librarians from Labib network

Did you notice that libraries are often meeting places for citizens? A place where you can get support in search for information […]

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‘Madridgate’ – why the open data matters!

Lately, a lot has been said in the media about the so called ‘Madridgate’. A lot has been said and […]

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Rises in public transport ticket prices improve the condition of city budget. Unfortunately in a messy way

The rise in ticket prices results in more money in the city budget. Not exactly due the rise in income […]