Katarzyna Mikołajczyk

Open Cities Program Coordinator

International Advisory Board
CEE, Inside ePF

The ePF has established the International Advisory Board

The ePF Board decided to set up an International Advisory Board. Members of IAB will support ad hoc and strategic […]

Open cities

The idea of Smart City at the Congress of Innovative Economy

The Congress of Innovative Economy is a two-day event organized by the National Chamber of Commerce. Directed mainly to businesses […]

Code for Poland, Open cities

“Cities on the Internet” conference – invitation

At the end of June in Gdansk will be the 20th conference “Cities on the Internet”. Foundation ePaństwo will talk in […]

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“City plus” conference in Toruń – invitation

In September 2016 city Toruń will host a conference about smart city concept and its practical applications in the small […]

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10 steps to open data – instructions

How to open data (and what does it actually mean)? It’s not difficult and it doesn’t require rebuilding the office’s […]

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Digital cities for smart Europe – conference in Gniew

On April 13 in Gniew (Poland) was 4. european conference for the participants of the project “Digital cities for smart Europe”. […]

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How Big Data will change the government? #EKS2016

During the Second European Congress of Local Authorities in Krakow, coordinator of the Open Cities program participated in a panel […]

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Why do cities need open data? # PDF2016

During the Personal Democracy Forum 2016 Gdansk – we had panel “Why do cities need open data.” With: Katarzyna Mikolajczyk, program coordinator of […]

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Big data vs. open data

The term ‘big data’ is more and more often used in reports and analyses. Unfortunately, writing about ‘big data’ authors […]

Code for Poland, Open cities

Code for America Summit, which let’s talk about open data.

For three days in late September and October 2015, representatives of foundation ePaństwo – Krzysztof Madejski and Katarzyna Mikolajczyk – […]

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Municipalities must publish received petitions

From September 6, 2015, each municipality (also including the institution, the Parliament, the Senate or the municipal council) is obliged […]

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Information is not everything – 5 levels of data openness

Can we consider a commune to be open once it releases any information on its website? Tim Berners-Lee, one of […]