Krzysztof Izdebski

Prawnik i aktywista. Chce, by państwo działało sprawnie i wierzy, że zależy to tylko od chęci polityków. Denerwuje się, gdy ktoś nie chce mu dać informacji albo go oszukuje. Szczególnie, jeśli robią to politycy.

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Lessons on trust, democracy and technology

When I was a kid I loved to observe how Shepherds dogs rather than strongly imposing the will on sheep […]

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Digital decade and human dignity. What awaits us in the future?

Big data will outgrow its name, automatic decision making will become a matter of everyday life, social media will cause […]

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2019 summary and 2020 teaser

As we are approaching the next edition of Personal Democracy Forum CEE in 2020, it is a good occasion to […]

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Do you know what your algorithms are up to?

This article was originally published at on July 9, 2019 If there is a general lack of trust towards […]

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The founding of CONSUL DEMOCRACY Foundation

On Friday, the 22nd of March 2019 we partnered with organisations working on the intersection of democracy and civil society […]

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Civic Tech and Governments. Successful Models of Collaboration.

One of the core missions of civic technologists is to support governments in delivering better services to its citizens. During […]

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The Future of Voting

Voting is a fundamental civic right. Not so many people would openly disagree with such a statement. It is also […]

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Transparency and Democracy. Meeting in Tbilisi

Although Personal Democracy Forum CEE 2017 took place in April, its impact is not limited to this date. The ePaństwo […]


Transparency experts meeting in Kyiv

The experts meeting in Kyiv was organized by the ePaństwo Foundation (EPF) has gathered activists representing Belarus, Bulgaria, Estonia, Poland […]


Access to public information in the European Union

It is probably the best news for freedom of information community in recent months. The judgment of the General Court […]


Sign the petition on electronic declarations of assets in Poland

In Poland, about 800.000 persons are obliged to submit declarations of assets. Institutions such as the Central Anticorruption Bureau control […]


Does European Commission care about corruption in Member States?

In January, together with K-Monitor from Hungary we have learnt that Frans Timmermans has scrapped plans to publish the second […]