The experts meeting in Kyiv was organized by the ePaństwo Foundation (EPF) has gathered activists representing Belarus, Bulgaria, Estonia, Poland and Ukraine. The aim of the workshop was to continue and to deepen general discussions held at the Personal Democracy Forum CEE in Gdańsk on the state of play of transparency organizations and activists in CEE countries. Thanks to the meeting we were also able to enhance networking by sharing in depth analysis of conducted projects in the region and getting information on characteristics of specific political culture in selected countries. 

Participants has focused on problems of measuring the impact of their projects and non-formal activities on governments and citizens and how to attract the intersectoral cooperation with governmental and business representatives.

We have identified several problems concerning examination of impact measurement. Among others, participants has observed that there is often lack of time to conduct the systematic evaluation process; lack of experts in the sector who are capable to work on how the project was implemented; number of impact factors that are independent from the project management; duplication of some initiatives or the phenomenon of the faith that donors are only interested in successful projects.

As participants has agreed that intersectoral cooperation is a problem which put us in the “bubble” we have also discussed ideas how to engage other sectors in the activities devoted for greater transparency of governments and corporations. We have to “translate” our values for more concrete language which will be better understood by representatives of governments and business offering them concrete knowledge and products.

The event was possible thanks to support of National Endowment for Democracy.