There are a number of inspirative ideas and civic initiatives in V4 countries, which can remarkably improve our region to be better place to live. But why it is so difficult to enforce the public interest?  We still must encounter many obstacles such as corruption in government or disinterest among the public.


Aliancia Fair-Play, a foremost anti-corruption NGO in Slovakia in cooperation with Fundacija ePaństwo, Czech Centre for Investigative journalism, Noémi Alexa, and Visegrad Fund organizes 2nd annual of the informal conference Network on September 26th in Bratislava, that should reconnect the ideas and experiences of active valuable people, civil servants and CEOs from businesses and with this connection make them stronger.


In one day it offers lectures, discussions and workshops with more than 20 inspirative speakers. Expect Luke Ravenscroft from British Behavioural Insights Team, who will talk about his experiences how to use behavioural sciences to improve civil decision-making. You will meet Lenka Bradáčová Czech Public Prosecutor who investigates the biggest corruption cases of politicians orDániel Bolyky from Hungary, who cooperates with Philip Zimbardo and uses his methods to change ordinary people to everyday heroes.

Complete program and tickets

At we’ll present Start of our workshop will be after 14:30 on Monday September 26 and it will be about „What public institutions are hidding from us?’. 

Asia will show problems of polish people with using public information. Next on real case study from Poland she will present website Its a set of applications to track and influence state administration activity. The portal provides quick and free access to all acts of law and court rulings. With it, you can also monitor finances in each of the municipalities and check connections between organizations. She will use it to show beginning of the problem, what changed during the development of the website and how website help polish people using public information.