Application NGO

This application is, first of all, a knowledge base of non-governmental organizations operating in Poland. The database combines information from different state registers (such as the National Register of Court, the REGON register, public benefit organizations’ reports, the registry containing public collections and contractors of public procurement) as well as information added by the organizations.


Profile pages of all organizations contain information about the organization, contact details as well as information about the composition of their authorities (such as management or board). Organizations can also:

– add and view their and other organizations’ activities,

– browse latest contests dedicated to NGOs,

– browse and settle public collections,

– check reports and finances of public benefit organizations,

– analyze activities of NGOs in social media,

– publish and view official letters sent by NGOs, together with responses they received (


In addition, each organization registered in the National Court has the opportunity to complete their profile with basic contact information such as: phone number, email address, website, links to profiles in social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube or Vine and add their account number allowing organizations to raise funds for their activities.


Additional parts of the application NGO:

– Finances of public benefit organizations – an interactive infographic illustrating the scale and sources of public benefit organizations’ income. It lets you explore the general situation in the sector as well as browse the rankings of organizations that receive the highest revenues, in various budget

– The module used for settlement of public collections

– Contests for NGOs – search engine for contests and grants offered by private and public institutions.

The portal’s users have the option to subscribe to new information about a given  organization.


In the Application Actions, organizations can publish information about the completed projects and actions they have carried out. NGOs can use it also to describe their needs and projects they are currently working on. Thanks to this addition and the account number on their profile, they can easily lead campaigns and gain additional funding for their activities. In the application, NGOs can also settle accounts of all public collections they conducted: By using the website NGOs can increase the outreach their activities and exploit high popularity of the website.


Application KRS

The application is used to view data about companies, NGOs and other entities operating in Poland. For its creation we used combined data from databases of NIP, KRS and REGON. Profiles of all the organizations present a wealth of information about the application’s functionalities. In contrast to KRS which is available on the website of the Ministry of Justice, we don’t need to enter security codes to obtain information we need. If a given organization is or was a contractor of public procurement, a list of orders will be displayed on its profile. The portal’s users have the option to subscribe to new information about each organization.


Application Who’s in charge here?

This is an application showing the structure of public administration in Poland and presenting information about the government’s officials. Profile pages of institutions contain information about the data relating to the institutions, which users can subscribe. You can find there the latest acts of the institutions, the latest public procurement as well as registers of financial benefits received by officials.


Application Sejmometr

The application is used to view information about the work of the Parliament and MPs. It includes, among others, information about meetings of the Parliament, the latest law drafts and resolutions, the outcome of public procurement in the Chancellery of the Parliament, speeches, voting, interpellations, the registry the MP’s benefits or register of deputies’ co-workers. Sejmometr also contains a list of all members and the search engine which allows to find members of our current constituency. By entering the profile of a particular MP we can find information about his or her speeches, expenses and travels. Each of the data described above can be added to the collection and for notifications.


Application Public Finances

The application offers visualization of the central budget and the budgets of local government units. On the home page we will see a graph showing the condition of public finances including the governments of Prime Ministers and a detailed description of their financial reign. In this section we can also select a particular year and compare it with other years. The second part of the application are the budgets of individual municipalities. We can enter the name of any municipality in Poland and view its budget according to the previously selected parameters.


Application Law

The application allows to browse and read all acts of statutory law in Poland. The laws, regulations or resolutions can be searched not only by their names but also by using search phrases. This functionality is very useful for non-governmental organizations. For example, if organization deals with issues of “frogs”, it can easily search all legislation related with this subject: This allows it to find rules of law in this particular topic, and lobby similar solutions in their region. Legislative acts can be viewed not only by types, but also their publishers. Each of the data described above can be added to the collection and notification may be activated.


Application Environment

The application shows current data on the state of the air in Poland at the selected time. It was created with substantial support of the Foundation ClientEarth. The data used in this application are derived from data collected by the Regional Inspectorates of Environment. It includes a Health Air Quality Index which was created specifically by the Foundation ClientEarth to show the impact of the data presented in the application on health. By creating this application, both organizations have concluded that NGOs can afford more and publish data inconvenient for public institutions. An additional element of the application is the ranking of the cleanest and most polluted cities in Poland.


Aplication Culture

The application contains detailed data concerning the perception of culture in Poland. It uses the GUS survey containing the perception of culture in Poland in 2014. We find there a data concerning: television, film, radio, using a computer and the Internet, reading, listening to music and going to the theater, social life and cultural centers. Individual data can be disaggregated by age, sex, education, region, town size and household type.


Application Elections

The application allows to find the right polling station based on a specified address or geo-location services. It was created as a result of  finding it difficult to access data of the polling stations on the National Electoral Commission website. To create this tool we needed the combination of data from four public databases:

– Central Statistical Office – the base of TERYT – administrative division of the country

– Chief Land Surveyor – the base of 8 million address points

– PKW – the base of electoral constituencies

– PKW – the base of electoral circuits

Thanks to this combination of data we can, more easily than on the website of the PKW, find our polling place and check candidates running in our constituencies. The application was developed in cooperation with the website MamPrawoWiedzieć.pl and was active during the parliamentary elections in 2015.


Application Local Data Bank

The application is used to view Poland’s largest databases concerning the economic and social situation in Poland – the Local Data Bank is conducted by the the Central Statistical Office. Our application offers more intuitive access to specific topic than the original, and by the Central Statistical Office is considered as a model of reuse data from the public sector. The application offer search engine indicators and transparent data visualization on the map.


Application Public Procurement

On the one hand, the application allows to search the database of public procurement in order to find a correct offer. On the other hand, it enables to analyze which entities receive the largest contract in Poland. We find there all the orders from the Public Procurement Office. Each of the data described above we can add to the collection and receive related notifications.


Application Social Media

The application shows the scale and type of activity performed by offices, government officials and NGOs in social media (Twitter and Facebook). We find there posts on Facebook and Twitter by politicians, officials, cities, political commentators, political parties and NGOs. Each person using the application can add a suggestion of new accounts – worth analyzing. Great interest was aroused by the subpage containing deleted tweets of politicians, officials and cities.


Application Jurisdiction

The application includes an extensive database of decisions of the Supreme Court, common courts and administrative courts. On the home page there is a search engine through which we can find a selected judgment or, by typing a given key phrase, we can find a list judgments concerning our subject matter. Portal users can activate notifications for new judgments on selected phrases and add them to created collection.


Application Notifications

The application allows to receive notifications of selected data present on the portal. On the basis of previously defined alerts (on profile pages or search results), the application shows and sends notification of the latest data which we have choosen.


Application Collections

The application is used to create collections of data and group data that are of the user’s interest. Each user can create unlimited number of collections and add there interesting data for quick access in the future.


Application Writings

The application supports the user in creating and sending letters to public institutions or organizations. It is equipped with a generator of writings based on a rich set of templates and a database of contact details of institutions and organizations. In addition, by sending a request for access to public information through the website, we receive an email notifying us of the deadline for an answer to letter being expired, together with further instructions. After receiving the response to the letter, we can also publish it on the portal. Each letter can be sent through a public or private profile and through a personal account or an account of a given organization.


Application Account

This application is used to set up a profile/user account on the portal. In a survey conducted on the portal, and during the training about the website, participants/users indicated that the name “Passport” is not intuitive and understandable for them. We decided to change the name of the application to the “Account”. In the application we can set a user name, an email address and a password, also we can delete the account or select the NGO of which we are a member.


Application API

The application allows for machine access to the data collected on the portal mojePaństwo. As a result, users can reuse them in new applications they have created. All data are made available under free licenses, ensuring their broad use.


In addition to these applications, on the portal mojePaństwo we have implemented gamification mechanisms, which were centered around convincing users to register. After creating an account, users get the opportunity to take advantage of the 4 tutorials, showing the selected options of the portal. After going through each tutorial and performing specific tasks, users receive a prize. The aim is to show that by offering tools provided with the gamification mechanisms on the portal, users can become more effective activists and improve their own and their organization’s activities by using these tools. The portal also encourages users to use different applications than the ones offered directly on the website.