The Congress of Innovative Economy is a two-day event organized by the National Chamber of Commerce. Directed mainly to businesses and governments, to show common spaces for development and mutual inspiration.

During this year’s workshop and discussion sessions were devoted to topics:

  • smart cities – effective construction of smart city, challenges and expectations of the city, new challenges for business, local government cooperation with business,
  • health – telemedicine in Poland, new technologies in medicine,
  • digital – new technologies in the life of modern man, digitization as leverage Polish economy,
  • innovative infrastructure – Swedish-Polish forum railway investment challenges in the area of ​​infrastructure and cyber security in Poland.

Program coordinator of Open City, Katarzyna Mikolajczyk, along with business representatives and employees Warsaw City Hall talked about the idea of ​​smart city and the challenges faced by local governments, businesses and citizens in the management of the city through the data.

The moderator of the meeting by Marcin Wojdat, Secretary of the City of Warsaw

For the panel discussion were invited:

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