During the Personal Democracy Forum 2016 Gdansk – we had panel “Why do cities need open data.” With: Katarzyna Mikolajczyk, program coordinator of Open City, Tomasz Nadolny, director of the office of President of Gdansk and Maciej Gron, department director in the Ministry of Information Society Digitization.

Different perspectives, one goal

And though everyone talked about open data from their perspective (non-governmental organizations, local authorities and government) – in every speech appeared definition of open data availability, accuracy, completeness, machine readability and sharing without restrictions.

From the perspective of NGO data create space for dialogue with residents and serve to solve problems.

From the perspective of Gdansk, open data is one of the elements of a comprehensive policy of the city, but above all a way to increase the trust in relations city-residents as well as to ensure transparency in management. An additional benefit is to work with business and developers of IT solutions.

From the perspective of the Ministry of Digitalisation – the most important change in the field of public data occurs in June, when they will apply the law on re-use of public sector information specifying the precise terms and mode of sharing and communication of information skektora public and ordering (directly) to make information available to libraries, museums and the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management.
Additionally, Ministry leads website danepubliczne.gov.pl which can be used by local governments to publish their data on the website operated by MD. It is an excellent solution for small cities who want to share their information.


Both Thomas Nadolny and Maciej Gron stressed the need for standardization of data. Currently, the two institutions use open source CKAN platform, which enables the maintenance of order in the data, automatic creation of filters and export data in any format chosen by the user (including the API). Moreover Gdańsk developed their solutions – also provides an open source, allowing other cities / municipalities free use of the finished products.

Slides (CC-BY-SA 4.0): Dlaczego miasta potrzebują otwartych danych (opendata)