For three days in late September and October 2015, representatives of foundation ePaństwo – Krzysztof Madejski and Katarzyna Mikolajczyk – took part in the summit organized by Code for America.

The summit was attended by over 500 people – mainly from North America, but there were also participants from Germany, Pakistan and Polish (Code for Germany, Code for Pakistan). Many people in the summit have represented local governments – Louisville, New York, San Francisco, Tulus, Somerville, Chicago and many others; as well as federal institutions.

All inspired by the idea of ​​modern governance based on cooperation. Keywords such as innovation and technologies have been inflected by all the cases, however, each presenting back to what is most important – the people – to build trust and relationships. All the speakers agreed that new technologies are a tool to build and the same participation means to a common public property.

For three days, the conference could learn about the topic of open data, visualization, mapping and social engagement (using modern technology, and more). Told how to use the data, you can manage specific issues in the cities – not just financial, but also the safety (common neighbor monitoring), commitment, social welfare (such as poverty and homelessness).

More than a dozen sessions were held for local governments – shown good practices from Kentucky where the city carries out a quarterly survey among residents of San Francico which has built a great team. Open data or from Vallejo, whose representatives told how using new technologies introduced in the budget citizen.

Until held sessions “unconference” where is attending the meeting shared best practices; a part of the space was devoted to companies offering software supporting work with the data.

These were intense days full of inspiration and motivation. The effects of these will soon be seen as an action ePaństwa.

The full program of the summit on