Thanks to founding received from Ministry of Administration and Digitization, one of Code for Poland-supported projects – MyCommunity – moves straight towards completion.

MyCommunity is going to be a web-based platform supporting technical processes of participant budgets in Poland. Many cities have already introduced systems that manage electronic voting process. Therefore we would like to focus on a platform that would support communication on city – project authors – voters axis before the voting and afterwards on project development stage. One of its features would be project ideas promotion and possibility of shared work on them prior to official filing. You will find detailed and current information on website.

We have already started collecting data which will be included in the platform. Thanks to Social Communication Centre in Warsaw, we received not only the complete list of projects, but also detailed data of all votes that were made anonymous. These data is particularly interesting and useful for all sorts of analyses. Have a look at them and share your results.

You will find the data on dropbox.

At the same time we would like to invite you all to a workshop meeting on which we will analyse the properties of a perfect participant budget supporting platform. All groups involved in the project will take part in the meeting. City officials, project authors and voters. We believe that together we will be able to work out an even better technical support for participant budgets. Join us and get involved in the work!

Meet us in the conference room of

Państwo Miasto cafe on
ul. generała Andersa 29
4th November, 6.15

If you want to come to the meeting, sing up on this site

More information about the meeting can be found here: