Project Incubator is a new type of meetings which we first tried on 9th July in Warsaw in Państwomiasto cafe. The idea is simple: every participant can present his project as a challenge and next we try to answer the challenge in project teams using some useful materials.


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We preceded the workshop part with several presentations. > Krzysiek Madejski and Michał Szkodziński spoke about how can we change the environment by using technology and how can Code for Poland fit in the process. We quickly summed up in which cities do we operate in Poland, what have we already accomplished and what challenges do we encounter running the projects in Warsaw.

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Some of the projects were presented more thoroughly. These included visuals of data from city’s 19115 hotline, a very advanced project awaiting some visual fixes and TramGPS, a mobile app showing actual whereabouts of public transport vehicles nearby.
Maciek Biłas shared his experiences from the work on abovementioned TramGPS and experimentation with the visuals and city bike cruises data analysis. He also explained why and how people should engage in initiatives such as Code for Poland and what benefits can such an activity bring.

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We also welcomed fellow initiatives. Dawid Sokołowski from Sensible Business Network, Tomek Kamiński from Activatorium and Jakub Kołakowski from Google Developer Group made appearances with presentations.


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Towards the end of the presentation part we proposed a number of selected ideas appearing on our forum in a challenge form. After a short break, we faced those challenges in the workshop part – the Project Incubator.

We split into three teams – first one took care of civic budget subject, second one focused on the start-ups development support tool while the third one on the development of a smartwatch app.

The teams produced diagrams with the description of the solution, goals, risks, target groups etc. and preliminary drafts of the solution (electronic copies available below). We managed to come up with some great results in a very short time (the workshop only took about an hour).

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Project presentation within the Incubator is simply a challenge in a form of a question. For example How can city’s data be presented in order to be interesting to the citizens in form, content and the way of presentation? How can it answer their questions and provide more knowledge about functioning of the city? was the question for the 19115 project. Such open challenge points out general goals but does not force specific solutions which allows some creative thinking in groups.

In order to quickly introduce new people to what we do, such challenge brought along a bunch of tips and information – what data can you use, what solution paths were already tested by others etc. Having a solid starting foundation we additionally presented the groups with Project Cards – a sheet loosely based on Lean Canvas which lead the group through subsequent stages of the project: target groups, goals, functions, risks…

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We would like to thank you all for participating in the meeting and the workshop and invite you to the next one (we will announce the date soon). We also encourage you to have a look at the presentations and the content from the workshop.

Presentations and workshop content: