Code for Poland, Poznań division strikes back with new projects! Let’s thank Artur Brzyski, member of Improve Poznań initiative who conducted the meeting on 20th May.

Many new people have come so we started with introducing ourselves and presenting our expectations. Krzysiek Madejski from ePaństwo Foundation presented the general idea of Code for Poland.

Next, we moved to projects presentation. Bartosz Galica who presented IQMel project drew quite some attention. It’s an idea for and educational-preventive-diagnostic app based on his long-term experience with oncology institutes. The app would have several functions:

  • educational – What is a melanoma? How to diagnose skin lesions?
  • preventive –How to reduce the risk of contracting the disease? What factors are important here?
  • diagnostic – Take a picture of skin lesions and let advanced image processing algorithms calculate the risk

API Wojciech Pelc from Poznań City Hall gathers suggestions regarding which data should the city open next? Are you interested in something in particular? Send you suggestions to

Wysadź ulice (Sow your streets) lets the citizens design small architecture and green areas in the city online. Ideas that become popular will be presented to the city officials and hopefully realised.

Map of Silence is an art project by Generator Malta. What does silence in the city mean to you?

Lesson scenarios – Cezary Czempiński asks for consultation regarding the project of a platform supporting lesson scenarios called Nauka W Przestrzeni (Science in Space).

Artur suggested that one of the first tasks Code for Poland from Poznań should take is the meeting hosts’s (makerspace Zakład) website. It’s a simple project where the whole design process can be conducted using Design Thinking methodology. It will help us know each other better and accomplish the goal quickly. Such well-oiled team will be able to approach IQMel project – a multi-faceted and intriguing challenge with strong social potential – with more ease.

Zakład. Next meeting coming soon. Keep track of the forum and fb. We will advertise there.

KdP Poznań Bartosz Galica presenting IqMel  project